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27 Nov 2018, 12:21pm -

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Rimmel did a great job with their Stay Matte formula, which is one of my favourites in the drugstore. They added a satin finish version to their ranges of lipsticks and they offer 14 shades (four are sold here in Slovenia).

Texture: These are fully opaque with a formula that is a mix between a cream and a mousse. They don't have the super comfortable feel of Revlon's Ultra HD's because as they set/dry, they become a bit sticky. They aren't drying on my lips and since they never truly set, I doubt anyone will find them uncomfortable. The finish is a nice looking satin - it's less shiny than on my pictures because I didn't have time to wait for them to set.

130 Yuppie

130 Yuppie is a muted light-medium peachy-pink, a perfect mix of the two shades. It's a nice every day colour that I've been wearing a lot since I got it.

400 Obsession

400 Obsession is a warm hot pink.

Staying power: These lasts similarly to regular lipsticks with a creamy-satin formula. They never set and you don't get a stain from these, so they wipe off completely and transfer.

Packaging: it's the same tube as at matte version and the applicator is the same too. The latter is a nice shape and you can be precise with it.

Scent:They have the same sweet candy-vanilla scent as the Matte version. It's not strong and it doesn't last.

Price and availability: These cost 6.19 € in DM. Four shades out of fourteen are sold in our drugstores: #130 Yuppie, #200 Sike, #210 It Girl in #400 Obsession.

I'm still a matte girl and though I love the satin finish of these, I like to be without worries that my lipstick will transfer somewhere, so I prefer their matte range. Despite that I like the shade 130 Yuppie and I'm already wearing it a lot, so they will definitely be sticking in my collection. Formula is fully opaque and it's not drying, so it's appropriate also for those with dry lips, but they aren't as comfortable as Revlon's Ultra HD because they can stay sticky for a while.

Have a great day!

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