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08 Jan 2019, 10:21pm -

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I'll start the way I always start my (Makeup) Revolution eyeshadow palette reviews - I've tried quite a few and have yet to be properly impressed. Every new one I try is a visible improvement, but they always have such inconsistencies in terms of quality. Supreme is so far the best I've tried and most of the eyeshadows have a strong pigmentation, but there is still room for improvement. There are eight shades in the rather inelegant looking palette, five are matte and three are shimmers. Four versions of these types of palettes exist.

Texture:Eyeshadows are very soft, but not in a buttery-creamy way, instead they are not very tightly packed, so they are quite loose and crumbly. Mattes are easily picked up by a brush, they are very pigmented and are some of the most easily blendable shades I've tried. Shimmery-metallic shades are even softer than mattes and I prefer to apply them with fingers for an intense colour payoff. Blending is also easy with those shades. But like I said before, it's an inconsistent palette, so the 3. shade, metallic light bronze, is by far the most pigmented shade in the palette, following are the two matte browns. The worst performing shade is perhaps unsurprisingly the purple which is drier than the rest and less pigmented. The duochrome lilac shade is not nearly as good as that light bronze shade, instead it's more about shimmer than the sheer lilac base.

A matte buttercream - good pigmentation and smooth texture for such a pale shade.
A matte medium brown - it's meant to be the cool shade in the palette, but it's warm on me. Great pigmentation and very smooth texture.
A metallic beige-bronze - best quality shade in the palette. Very pigmented with a great metallic effect.
A reddish brown with green shimmer - somewhat similar to Mac's Club. Not as smooth as the shade on the left, but still good quality.
A matte violet-mauve - driest matte in the palette with not the best colour pay-off.
A duchrome lilac - blue shimmer on a sheerer lilac base. Looks great over black as it turn it into a night sky navy with star-like shimmer.
A matte deep warm brown - similar to the lighter brown, so great pigmentation and a smooth texture.
A matte black - looks very black when I pick it up with a finger, but on the skin it's more grey.

Staying power: My eyelids aren't oily, so most stuff lasts well without a base and I saw nothing special about staying power of these. They don't crease and last pretty well in a slightly faded version to the end of the day.

Packaging: It screams cheap packaging, but the hinges and working mechanism work ok, plus you get to see the colours. It won't win any style awards, but as long as it's functional it doesn't matter.

Price and availability: Eyeshadow palette is available at Lič and it's sister sites (Pink Panda) for 8.99 € as well as on for international buyers.

It's nice to see that Revolution's quality is always improving, but they still need some work. Most of the shades is this palette are a really nice quality and more than the pigmentation I'm actually impressed with how nicely they blend even with my useless skills. The purple isn't the best and the eyeshadows could be less crumbly, but the light bronze is a great quality shade. If I liked the shade range, I'd probably use it a lot, but now I find the crease shades too warm for my colouring, but that's just my preferences.

Have a nice day!

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