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05 Apr 2018, 6:37pm -

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- About Glass Half Full Podcast
by Nina
This is just to let you know that recently Baxter has been interviewed for two podcasts, one of which you can play right here.

Yogaland: First Baxter was featured on Andrea Ferretti's Yogaland Podcast. Baxter says that he and Andrea had a wide-ranging conversation on the general topic of yoga for healthy aging. She was quite interested to have him go into more detail on what a “health span” is and why it is important concept to keep in mind as we age. She was also surprised from reading the book to discover that maintaining flexibility is important if we want to maintain good balance and wanted to know more about the benefits of being barefoot for balance, so he went into detail about both topics. Excited about the scientific study on exercise and improved brain function we mentioned in our book, she asked him to spend some time talking about how to keep the brain healthy with age. There are also some surprises.You can play this podcast right here:

Glass Half Full: Then Baxter was interviewed by Leslie Krongold on the Glass Half Full podcast.Baxter says This it was an interesting conversation because Leslie Krongold’s podcast is primiarly for those with chronic illnesses and/or disabilities (she herself has been working with chronic illness for many years). She started by asking him about how he got interested in medicine as well as yoga practice and teaching, and how the blog and the book came to be. They also talked about how a middle-aged person who has a chronic condition or health issue could use the book Yoga for Healthy Aging to help maintain independence and address activities of daily living. They also covered the topic of equanimity in some depth, as well as the accessibility of yoga for people of all ages and abilities. You can find that podcast atYoga & Healthy Aging: Maintaining Independence, Activities of Daily Living, and Equanimity.

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