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25 Nov 2018, 8:32pm -

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I remember these pearls from way back when I just started getting into makeup, though I'm not sure if they are still exactly the same thing, as I never owned any. I picked a blush shade called Natural Pink, but the box states these are a bronzer (with this name of the shade on the box) and I think a separate bronzer exists too as it was marketed separately in the catalogue - it's kind of confusing, but if you get this shade, this is what you get and two more blush shades exist.

Texture: These have a strong pigmentation, which I did not expect at all and I was sure I'll need my densest brush because I won't be able to pick up much, but these were a big surprise. I need to use very little or I get a strong streak of colour. Formula of these applies smoothly and even that overly applied streak was blended away easily. They don't apply patchy and the colour is evenly mixed. Finish as you can see from the swatch is satin with no shimmer.

Shade: I have the shade Natural Radiance and based on the colour of pearls I expected something pink with some bronze tones, but this mixes into a very warm peachy shade. It's not really a bronzer, but more like a bronzer-meets-a-peachy-blush. There are four shades of pearls inside: a cool light pink, dark warm pink, light bronze/tan and a champagne colour. As I said pigmentation is so strong that I need to use my fluffiest brush and use a light hand, so these are more meant for someone with a darker and warmer skin tone than mine.

Staying power:is impressive, but it's not surprising given how pigmented these are. They last all day on me.

Packaging: Pearls are stored in a pretty black box with a screw lid. There is a sponge inside to keep the pearls from moving too much, I think they didn't mean that sponge to be an applicator because it doesn't work well and these pearls need to be applied with a brush.

Price and availability:The peals are available in Oriflame's catalogue with a regular price 20.90 €, but currently they are 9.99 €.

Shade Natural Pink is not the best name for this shade as it ends up a peachy-bronze shade on me, so this is a better shade for those with a warmer and darker skintone than me. Pigmentation is exceptional and a light hand it needed at these, so they'll probably last forever even if you use them every day. I might tinker with the ratio of pearls or just take the bronze ones out to see if I can get a pinker shade.

Have a great day!

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