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01 Nov 2018, 1:37am -

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ESSENCE The Gel Nail Polish
98 pure beauty
An old favourite that I reach for a lot because most of the time I just want something simple and elegant on my nails. It's an interesting nude that tends to shift its undertone on my nails, while in the bottle it's a nude with violet/cool hues. If I lost of my nail polishes, I think I'd repurchase this colour first.

ESSENCE Soft Contouring Lipliner
08 big proposal
This is such a great natural shade that I can use to shape my lips and give them just a bit of a darker/more defining colour. It's lighter and more peachy-beige than shade 06 under my skin and it's close to my natural lip colour, so it's better suited for cheating the lip line.

THE BODY SHOP Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter and Shower Gel
I've talked in both of the previous posts about these and I have to add them to my favourites too. The scent this line is so yummy, like vanilla cookies and Monte White had a baby. There's no pumpkin, instead it's a vanilla-almond mix with notes of hazelnuts and maple syrup. These are also fantastic for dry skin, especially the body butter is very nourishing and though it's a thick formula, it's so creamy that it's very easy to apply.

BATH & BODY WORKS Fragrance Mist
Champagne Apple Honey and Crisp Orchard Leaves
Both of these scents are so wonderful and both are sadly LE for autumn, though these can be worn all year round, especially in spring. I was never drawn to apple scented products because they tend to smell so artificial, but Champagne Apple Honey smells so good, like sweet-tart apples with some extra sweetness, which is here meant as honey, but it's not a proper honey note. It doesn't make you smell like you bathed in apple juice, but it does make you smell like you're wearing a great apple-inspired fragrance. As much as I love Champagne Apple Honey I've actually found myself wearing Crisp Orchard Leaves more. It's not as sweet, but it's still a fruity scent with pears and apples, just a fresher, more musky version (notes mention cool air and oak leaves). Both are just brilliant and I'd love to have full sized bottles along with most of the collections.

I loved this straight away. Since Orofluido Sahara has been discontinued I've purchased several products that claimed to be oil in spray form, but none impressed me. This doesn't even claim to be an oil, just a shine spray, but it's pretty much a dupe for Sahara. It's one of the very rare shine sprays without alcohol I've seen so far and instead it's a combination of silicones plus jojoba, coconut and tiare flower oils, so this is actually more like a shine spray + leave-in conditioner meets silicone-oil type of product. It's tames my hair, makes it shiny and it's perfect for every time my hair feels dry because it's quite a nourishing product. It's got a nice tiare flower scent, so this is just a winner to me. (it's sold on Click2Chic which sadly only ships to Slovenia, Croatia and Italy)

REDKEN Extreme Anti-Snap
I've recently cut my hair because my ends looked too damaged on closer inspection and every time I cut my hair, I start to use this. I haven't used it in a while because I felt I didn't need it, but I'm starting again to prevent my hair from getting split ends and breakage, though with my hair I must also never forget enough hydrating products to keep the ends soft, as dry ends are very prone to damage. Anti-snap is a simple, light lotion that is applied on damp hair after washing, it doesn't leave any weird residue on my hair and it keeps my hair healthy for much longer before I need a trim.


ORIFLAME Giordani Gold MasterCreation Foundation SPF 18
Rose Porcelain Cool
I always get excited when I find a foundation in a shade that fits me and this is one just like that. The lightest shade Rose Porcelain Cool is a very fair shade with cool undertones and it fits me well. This foundation formula is one of the natural looking ones, so with a light-medium coverage and a glowy finish. I've only had it a week and I already like it a lot.

ORIFLAME Giordani Gold MasterCreation Lipstick
Delicate Pink
Though this isn't a matte formula, which is one I usually prefer, this is such a nice quality lipstick. The formula feels great on the lips, it's smooth to apply, light and not drying. The packaging feels so high end because of the metal tube and I picked a good, wearable light-medium peachy-pink that I know I'll wear often.


183 DAYS BY TREND IT UP Swing Liner Black Matte Eyeliner
This is a new sub-brand of Trend it up I've seen in DM and I'm not sure, but I hear it's not permanent (I could be wrong). I haven't picked anything yet, but this eyeliner is in the back of my mind because the packaging looks quite cool and I guess ergonomic. I read a few reviews on DM's online shop and they've been positive, so I might try this one instead of my HG Catrice's Liquid Eyeliner, just for the fun of it.

183 DAYS BY TREND IT UP Dab on Contouring-Stick
Another thing I find interesting (though there are also way cuter things like bunny shaped sprays and a bronze metallic eyeshadow I always swatch when I'm there). I like this because of the sponge, even though the concept looks strange (good video in Germanhere) as this is a cream foundation and the foundation doesn't get squeezed though the applicator like at Estee Lauder Double Wear Cushion Stick foundation, instead it's in the lid. I might give it a go.

ESSENCE Colour Boost Mad about Matte
Lana convinced me with her swatches and review because I was so sure these aren't matte (I guess I just don't trust Essence to do it right), but since I saw how great the finish looks, I might try one in a wearable shade. Maybe number 05, but it'd be a blind buy because we don't' have testers in Müller and I'm not going to open new products on the stand.

L'OCCITANE Immortelle Reset Nuit Oil-in-Serum
A sales assistant in L'Occitane gave me testers of this and promised "that I'll see visible results in the morning after one use". I admit I got a bit of a condescending smirk as I was leaving the shop and indeed I didn't not see my face utterly transformed by the morning, but in a couple of uses I admit my skin looked and felt really well. It wasn't a miracle type of thing, but I liked it enough that I would consider purchasing it. This is a light serum type of product that despite the mention of oil in the name doesn't feel greasy.

PACO RABANNE Olympea Intense
I sprayed this again on my wrist while in Müller and my word is it amazing for this time of year. To me it doesn't resemble the original, instead it's this warm, cosy vanilla with amber and it's got a great staying power. Too bad it's so expensive.

THE BODY SHOP Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil
I'm running out of my trusted Nuxe oil (though my bottle is opaque black and I have no idea how much it's really left) and though I love it, I've had a sample of this The Body Shop oil a while back and I thought it was even better. My skin just loved the stuff, it looked nourished, clear and radiant, it really was some great stuff. It's more expensive than Nuxe and you get much less of it, but I think I'll get it one instead, just this once.

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