Make Up Tips: How Look Like Barbie With Mac Cosmetics

Beauty Tips On "Barbie Makeup"

Article by: Vera Willis/CEO Makeup For Makeup

Every wonder how "Barbie" managed to go from Dolls to makeup? It's quit easy to understand. Barbie has for many years been involved in making girls as well women feel beautiful by adding styling doll heads to their collection as well as pretend makeup so little beauties could fantasize about the glamorous look they would acquire when they grew older. "Mac" makeup helped exploit Barbie's look , which I might add is ingenious, with their wonderful collection of lipsticks, blushes and nail polish, so that we could all feel like the dolls that we are! I have included some great photos from google that you will all enjoy and a great video that well help bring out the "Barbie" in you!

Mac Barbie Makeup in Fab Colours

All dolled Up Barbie Collection
Mac Barbie In All Her Glory!Get this look With "Mac Barbie" Makeup

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