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22 Jun 2018, 1:42am -

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If only this palette wasn't so warm. I'm still on the fence about Makeup Revolution eyeshadows, as they tend to differ in quality a lot inside one palette. It's actually no different in this one either, but the scales are tipped to the good side and especially mattes are nice in this palette. The Sophy X palette was created in collaboration with SophDoesNails (I'm not familiar with her) and it's very similar to the most popular palettes at the moment like Naked Heat and Renaissance palette.

Texture: Like I said the quality varies, but most of the eyeshadows are very impressive for the price. Shimmery shades are all very pigmented and creamy, which in some cases that's not such a great thing because brushes don't pick them up well and it's best to use fingers to apply them. The best shimmery shade is Sparks Fly, a gold shade, which is really quite impressive. Pink Champagne, on the other hand, is least willing to apply nicely. The mattes are really great in this palette, though not all. Some are so pigmented and smooth, plus they blend so well, but those are mostly the reddish shades that don't suit me that well. Least impressive is Mug Cake, a shade that I'd normally use a lot. Considering how bad some matte shades were in previous palettes, this is a big improvement.
I won't go through individual shades, but if you're interested, Petra described them well here.

Shades: Palette contains a mix of 14 matte and 10 shimmer shadows, most of the are warm, but there is a possible combination that looks like my usual neutral, defined eye. Overall this is definitely the palette for those with a warm undertone, while on me most of the reddish combination make me look either ill or just strange. My favourites shades are the first three in the second row - they are such nice metallic shades. I had very high hopes for the old gold Pine Tree, but it's greener than in the palette. There are some nice copper shades and corresponding matte reddish shades, a warm purple, a Mac Club dupe Petrol (duochrome green-brown) and some lighter warm matte transition shades.

Pink Champagne, Mugcake and Rosewood

Sparks Flay and Rosewood

Pine Tree

Smokey Bronze and Rosewood

Staying power: Though I find the quality of eyeshadows nice, staying power didn't impress that much. They don't crease or fall down, but they do fade faster than my other eyeshadows. I'd recommend a primer with these.

Packaging: I really like how the palette looks. Peachy shade together with rose gold looks so modern and pretty. As usual there's a big mirror included which is very handy.

Price and availability:It's sold on Lič for 14.99 € and Makeup Revolution site. I believe this one is also sold in DM's.

If you're a fan of all the rosy-coppery-reddish palettes that have been popular in the last years, you'll like this one two. It's one of MR's best so far in terms of quality, especially when it comes to mattes, they've made great strides. You won't regret spending those 15 € for it, but use a primer. It's way too warm for my undertones and I'm in general not a a fan of reddish shades even though my eyes are grey, but for all of you with a warm undertone, this is a nice one.

Have a great day!

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