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09 May 2018, 2:16am -

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- About Eyeshadow Palette
Makeup Revolution decided to do collaboration with Youtuber sophdoesnails. I had some time to test out eyeshadow palette, which has some gorgeous warm colors in it. In this collaboration is also highlighter palette which is just as gorgeous and seems very pigmented, I know, because I have swatched it in the store already.


I have to say the design is right up my alley, dare I say something that I would do, if I ever had a chance to collaborate with a makeup company. Paper box has peach and gold design as well as the actual plastic packaging. I adore both of these shades as you might have already noticed by my blog design. It's well made and seems sturdy. Inside is also a huge mirror which is very useful and great to travel with.

In it is 24 x 1.1 grams of product, so 26.4 grams of product in total and the price is 14.99€. You can get it on Ličila.si, in DM or Tuš Drogerija. You can also get it from Revolution Beauty for 11.99€.


The palette also has variety of colors that I would probably choose for myself. There is mix of 24mattes and shimmers, some nudes, mostly warm toned and some pops of color like purple, green and blue. This palette has everything that I would want in one palette, even a matte black. If you're a warm toned lover, you would love it. You can create everything from very nude and natural looks to something more colorful and bold.


Penguin - matte white (good pigmentation, wetter)
Pancakes - fair warm brown beige (good pigmentation, wet)
Fairy Lights - light shimmery warm beige (good pigmentation, wetter)
Pink Champagne - light shimmery cool pink with white shimmery chunks (good pigmentation, wetter)
Iced Coffee - light matte neutral beige (good pigmentation, wetter)
Cuppa Tea - light matte yellow toned mustard beige (great pigmentation, wetter)
Grow Old - light shimmery peachy copper - shimmer chunks (great pigmentation, creamy)
Sparks Fly - light shimmery brown gold - shimmer chunks (amazing pigmentation, creamy)
Smokey Bronze - medium shimmery gold bronze (great pigmentation, creamy)
Mixed Berries - medium shimmery warm purple with cool violet sheen (great pigmentation, creamy)
Tiramisu - medium matte warm redish brown (good pigmentation, wetter)
Peaches - medium matte muted coral brown (good pigmentation, wetter)
Cloudberry - medium matte orange (great pigmentation, wetter)
Pumpkin - medium matte pinkish red (good pigmentation, wetter)
Pine Tree - medium shimmery olive green with chunks of green gold shimmer (amazing pigmentation, creamy)
Petrol - medium shimmery redish brown base with petrol blue duo chrome sheen (amazing pigmentation, creamy)
Pug - light matte cool muddy grey brown (good pigmentation, wetter)
Danger - matte medium muted red (good pigmentation, wetter)
Strawberry Sweets - medium warm matte pink (good pigmentation, wetter)
Festive Flame - medium shimmery cranberry red (orange red pink) with chunks of shimmer (good pigmentation, wetter)
Copper Coin - medium shimmery copper with chunks of shimmer (good pigmentation, wetter)
Mug Cake - dark matte cool chocolate brown (good pigmentation, wet)
Rosewood - dark matte cool mauve brown (good pigmentation, wetter)
Nightmare - dark matte cool black (good pigmentation, wetter)

My absolute favorite shades are all the pops of colors. Mixed Berries is one of my new favorite purples, because it's bright enough, looks so metallic, is very creamy and just warm enough. Pine Tree is another one of those super creamy and pigmented shades. I just love this golden olive tone. Petrol is the most unique shade in this palette with a warm purple base and petrol blue sheen. It's also very pigmented and looks so dimensional.

I also really like Pancakes which is almost my skin tone and perfect transition shade and Cuppa Tea which is the most perfect yellow toned mustard crease shade. Sparks Fly is another favorite because of the super creamy formula and that true gold shade.


Formula is in general on the wet side. Mattes feel wet to the touch and most shimmery colors seem even wetter. Some feels so wet that they apply almost like a cream.

Pigmentation is good. I find that lighter colors are sheerer as well as some mattes. Most shimmery shades have good pigmentation and some even amazing with just one swipe.


Some of the darker matte shades can be harder to blend and you have to build them up sometimes to get the intensity that you want. I also find shimmery shades hard to apply with a brush. They are so creamy that it's best, if you just apply them with a finger.

Eyeshadows have some kick-up as well as some fall out, so maybe do your eye makeup first, if you're using darker shades.

In general these stay well on the lids, although I notice the color fading through the day, but nothing too concerning. They don't crease, if you use an eyeshadow primer.

Now as always, lets go onto some of my makeup looks. I made a point to use all of the shades in the palette in some makeup look, so you get to see them in action.


All over: Penguin
Crease: Pancakes, Pug
Outer v: Pug, Mug Cake
Lid: Peaches
Lid center: Copper Coin
Inner corner: Sparks Fly

Clio Kill Black Brush Liner
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip Weho


All over: Penguin
Crease: Pancakes, Tiramisu
Outer corner: Rosewood
Lid: Petrol
Inner corner: Fairy Lights

Clio Kill Black Brush Liner
Catrice Glam & Doll Mascara

MAC Lipstick Patisserie


All over: Penguin
Crease: Pancakes, Iced Coffee
Outer v: Tiramisu, Mug Cake
Lid: Sparks Fly
Inner corner: Essence LE Glow...02...like you're doing what you love

Clio Kill Black Brush Liner
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip Weho


All over: Penguin
Crease: Cuppa Tea
Lid: Smokey Bronze

Avon Mark Artist Gel Longwear Eyeliner Rich Copper
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

Makeup Revolution Iconic Matte Nude Revolution Lipstick Wishful


All over: Penguin
Crease: Cuppa Tea, Strawberry Sweets
Outer corner: Pumpkin
Lid: Festive Flame
Lid center: Grow Old
Inner corner: Fairy Lights

Liner: Mug Cake
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

Avon True Colour Perfectly Matte Lipstick Rouged Perfection


All over: Penguin
Crease: Iced Coffee, Cloudberry
Lid: Pine Tree
Inner corner: Fairy Lights

Clio Kill Black Brush Liner
Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

Makeup Revolution Iconic Matte Nude Revolution Lipstick Wishful


All over: Penguin
Crease: Pancakes, Pumpkin
Outer corner: Danger
Outer v: Danger, Mug Cake
Lid: Cloudberry, Copper Coin
Inner corner: Fairy Lights

Clio Kill Black Brush Liner
Paese Blacker Than Black Mascara

Makeup Revolution Iconic Matte Nude Revolution Lipstick Wishful


All over: Penguin
Crease: Pancakes, Cuppa Tea
Outer corner: Tiramisu, Mug Cake
Lid: Mixed Berries
Inner corner: Pink Champagne

Liner: Nightmare
La Roche-Posay Respectissime Mascara Extension

Catrice Lip Foundation Pencil 020 Caramel Blonde to Go, Avon Mark Plump It Lipstick Mad for Mauve, Catrice Prisma Lip Glaze 010 Enchanted Gold

I have to say this has to be my favorite Makeup Revolution palette, because I just adore design and colors in it. It's exactly the type of colors that I love to use the most. Pigmentation is good, but still not as good as for example Colourpop eyeshadows. Once you get used to that amazing pigment and blend, you just get spoiled, like I did. Nonetheless, it's a very good formula for a drugstore palette and most of these shades perform well. Some shimmery shades are super creamy and have just a-mazing pigmentation, while some darker mattes need more building up. In general, I like it and the color range is just amazing for one palette, if you want a bit of everything in those warm tones.

*Product was sent to me.

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