Evaluate: Kiko Sensible Fusion Lip Pencil - 505 Antique Rose

03 May 2018, 10:33am -

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On one of my trips to Graz, I got another shade of Kiko Smart Fusion Lip Pencil. This time in the shade 505 Vintage Rose. I just like the formula of these pencils, although they are not the most long wearing. But they're affordable and have a great color selection.


It's amatte black pen packagingwith asquare black top. Thebottom is colored in the shadeof the pencil and it's actually pretty accurate.

In it is0.9 gramsof product and it costs2.50€.


It's a softer formula that glides on the lips with such ease, but doesn't feel buttery or waxy in any way. It has a completely matte finish.

Pigmentation is good and with darker and brighter colors I needed to go over a few times, but this lighter shade is more forgiving.


You can choose among 36 different shades. I already own 513 Red Papaya and 524 Peony Violet. In the shade range there are some nudes as well as some pops of color.

505 Vintage Rose is that classic muted pink nude. It has a bit of pink, mauve and brown in it, but is muted enough to pass as a nude color.


It's not the most long lasting formula, so you will need to reapply it, if you're wearing it on its own instead of a lipstick. But it works nice as a base for the lipsticks.

The formula is comfortable and in no way drying. It also doesn't look heavy or too creamy like some lip liners can. However, the matte finish will accentuate dry patches.

I initially thought that this shade would look lighter on me, because I am on a constant search for that perfect nude lip that isn't too dark, too pink nor too nude. It's actually a good nude on me, but I just thought that it would be slightly lighter. I wanted to use it to cheat my lip line with it, but it's a bit too darker for that.

If you like lightweight lip liners that glide on with ease and have a great color selection, you'll love these by Kiko. They are also very affordable. It's not the most long lasting formula and the pigmentation is not super opaque, but they wear so comfortably that I forgive it that. 505 Vintage Rose is that basic muted pink nude that everyone has to have in their collection. It pairs well with most nude lipsticks.

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