Essence Cushy Contouring Lipliner 08 Large Idea

04 Nov 2018, 2:28pm -

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This is my third shade of these liners, which are my second favourite formula behind Bourjois Contour Edition. They have a good formula for precise definition and filling in the lips, though they are less soft than their popular predecessors. I already have a review of other two shades if you're interested in swatches of those.

Formula: This new version is less creamy than the previous, so they last longer and are a lot more precise, but despite the waxier texture they are not drying. The first version of their lipliners was very creamy and smudgy, so getting a crisp line was impossible, however, they were a nice substitute for a lipstick because you could fill in the entire lips without that drying, chalky feeling. The new soft contouring ones are still creamy and easy to apply, but the Soft Contouring ones are a lot more waxy, so they don't move or smudge and you don't need to constantly sharpen them either.

Shade: 08 big proposal is a shade that's close to my natural colour, it's just a bit darker. It's a muted light-medium peachy-pink that leans more to peach on me and it's a great defining colour which looks natural, so it can be used to cheat the lip line. I got this shade after seeing it at Adjusting Beautyandas is usual for such light shades it looks completely different on my neutral pale skin tone than on her very warm one, but I expected that and it's still the type of shade I'll use a lot.

Staying power: Just like the previous versions, these don't have a great staying power. I don't want to do an estimate in hours, but I can say that they don't last thought eating, they survive drinking relatively ok and it's easy to wipe off. But that's their only minus and if you didn't mind that at the old version, you won't mind it at this either.

Price and availability: I bought it in Müller for 1.19 €.

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