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MANHATTAN Easy Match Foundation
I bought this just before they changed the bottle, so even though you might not have seen this packaging in a while, this formula still exists (named 3 in 1 Easy Match) and I strongly suspect it's not just at Manhattan but also at Rimmel as even the packaging looks pretty much the same now. To me this is exactly the same formula as Rimmel's Match Perfection and I just hated it. I only wore it because the shade fit me (30 Soft Porcelain), but otherwise it's a light-medium coverage type of foundation that never sets and leaves that obnoxious damp/sticky feeling on the skin. I say good riddance, I'm glad it's gone from my stash.
Repurchase: Nope.

BOURJOIS Radiance Revel Concealer
I talk about this one a lot. It's my favourite concealer because it looks very natural on the skin, but still covers enough for me, though for very dark circles and big spots I reach for products with more coverage.
Repurchase: Done.

CATRICE Liquid Eyeliner
010 Meeting Joe Black
I used up probably more than just these two because I use this eyeliner every day and it lasts about three or four months before the formula gets too dry to create a super crisp line (it's still useful, but I like how smooth the freshly opened formula is). I love this super black, matte and long-lasting formula and I'll continue to use it.
Repurchase: Done.

LA RIVE Moon for women
This was a dupe for Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme and I just loved it. It smelled exactly the same and lasted the same too. It's a feminine clean type of scent with white florals, sandalwood as a base and a fresh peach note at the start. These are sold in my local Interspar and cost about 10€ for 50 ml.
Repurchase: Yes.

BIOBAZA Face Cleansing Micellar Oil
My third bottle. I'm staying faithful to the formula because it works so well with my skin, but it's not the best if you wear a lot of makeup. Particularly mascara is a challenge. Formula is thin and it doesn't emulsify much, but it's one of the very rare oils that doesn't break me out.
Repurchase: Done.

AFRODITA Clean Phase Eye Make-up Remover
A very standard duo-phase oil remover that was not the best in terms of performance, but it was useful. It failed at very waterproof formulas such as Covergirl Super Sizer, but at least it wasn't very greasy and it didn't make my vision foggy. It's actually almost the same as Green Line's remover, but when choosing between the two I'd pick the latter because it's got a better packaging.
Repurchase: No.

ETUDE HOUSE Moistufull Collagen Cream
I'm a big fan of this line, though I only got (very generous) samples, but I enjoyed this moisturiser a lot. It's got a pleasant fresh gel-cream formula that absorbs quickly enough, it moisturises and is a good base for makeup. Another big plus is the scent which is such a nice grapefruit-orange combo and it just brightened my morning. I also love the toner and emulsion from this line.
Repurchase: Yes,I'm still choosing between this and emulsion.

BALEA Hydrogel Face Mask
This is a limited edition face mask, but I hope Balea puts this into their regular line because it's a lot better than their standard sheet masks, at least the hydrogel, while the formula could do with some improvements.
Hydrogel: This is a nice one, as it's neither rigid like Secret Key's and neither too thin that it would get punctured with a nail when you're apply it. The pattern is simply stunning and really makes this mask stand out.

Essence: There's is plenty of essence, so these are soaked enough, but unfortunately ir also makes the mask quite slippery and it's a challenge to get it on the face. It stuck on well to most of the face, but it was slipping above my lips and on my chin.
Scent: is somewhat plasticky and not that noticeable.
Effect: It left a sticky / damp layer that needed a long time to absorb even though the essence feels very light, It's a simple moisturising mask that left the skin fresh, but it wasn't bouncy and it lacked elasticity, since I woke up with a deep crease.
Repurchase: Maybe. I prefer K-Beauty ones, but this is affordable, moisturising and pretty.

ETUDE HOUSE 0.2 mm Air Therapy Mask
I've used more than one of these. This is one of my favourite sheet masks when my skin is misbehaving. It's fantastic when you have an infected spot because this calms irritation so well. The formula is heavenly because it's so comfortable, not at all slimy, it smells creamy and the sheet is great.
Repurchase: I have them in stock and yes.

MY BEAUTY DIARY black Pearl Sheet Mask
Another one of my favourite sheet masks, but this one is best when my skin is looking a bit drab because this is a great brightening formula that somehow manages to just sort out my skin. Highly recommend you try this one at least once.
Repurchase: Yes.

SOAP & GLORY Orangeasm Body Wash
I liked this a lot both for the nice creamy formula and the uplifting orange scent. The latter is not a classic orange juice smell, instead it's a more perfume-like blend of orange peel, lemon and mandarin. I'll miss it.
Repurchase: Maybe, if it comes to any of the EU online beauty shops or local drugstores.

NIVEA Sun Welcome Shine Shower Gel
A shower gel that smells like Nivea's sunscreen, so that slightly bitter creamy scent and not the coconut-tiare version. It was ok, but I prefer Balea's summery shower gel.
Repurchase: No.

YUMMY Shower Gel
Rhubarb & Orange
One of my favourite shower gels. Formula is nothing special, just a basic gel, but the scent it to die for good. It's so fresh and sweet and just a bit bitter, I think it's more about rhubarb than orange and it smells good enough to drink on a hot summer day.
Repurchase: Done.

BALEA Duschshaum
Hawaiian Dream
A great mousse shower product that has a sweet floral scent and the bottle lasted months.
Repurchase: Yes and other scents.

DOVE Shower Mousse with Argan Oil
I loved the texture of this because this had the densest foam of all such products I've tried and I could use it for shaving too, but it's got a very strong masculine scent that I wasn't a fan of. I don't know why they don't have a version with the original Dove scent, I would love it.
Repurchase: Only if they add new scents.

BALEA Rasiergel
Peppiger Papagei
One of the many I've used up to date. It's reliable, cheap and I like they always come out with an interesting limited edition. This one had a fresh tropical scent, but currently I have my favourite that smells like peaches.
Repurchase: Done.

BALEA Fuss Butter
I loved this last year when I got it because it had this amazing fresh minty orange scent that was perfect for summer months. Unfortunately by now the scent largely faded, so it was a drag using this up because the formula is not as nice as my beloved TBS or BBW moisturisers. It was a type of formula that left white marks when you were massaging it in, though they disappeared quickly and it needed more time than others to absorb.
Repurchase: It's discontinued, but I'm not getting the new melon mint or green tea ones.

Frosted Berries
Just one in a long line of TBS butters I've used up. These are my favourite body moisturises together with BBW Ultra Sheas. They are all thick and very nourishing which is the type of moisturisers I like. Frosted Berries was a Christmas LE, but it smelled very fresh like cranberries.
Repurchase: I have other scents.

MOROCCANOIL Moisture Repair Shampoo
One of the best shampoos for very dry hair. It cleans effectively, but doesn't leave the hair stripped neither lank and heavy, instead it just feels moisturised. Scent is a mix of sharp oriental with a classic hair salon scent.
Purchase: Yes.

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