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05 Dec 2018, 4:26pm -

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There are only two products in Catrice's star signs inspired collection called Astrology. I have the eye palette with 12 eyeshadows and the other product is a face palette with two highlighters, a blush and a bronzer.

Texture: The palette contains a mix of matte, satin and glittery shades, all vary a lot in terms of quality. Best performing are mattes which have a good pigmentation, are smooth and blend nicely, at least for drugstore eyeshadows. The satins are a stranger bunch, as one has a similar texture as matte shades and the rest are not as impressive, but still very much useful. The two glitter shades are the poorest performing shades in the palette. Both are sheer, pretty much just a collection of sparse chunky glitter and not very smooth.

Aries - a satin buttercream shade. Averagely pigmented for such a shade.
Taurus - a satin off-white. The same shade as Aries on the lids.
Gemini - a satin pale peachy shade. Again very similar to Aries and Taurus on the eyes, just a bit more peachy.
Cancer - a satin pale yellow taupe. Quite pale, but a decent lid shade.
Leo - a matte medium taupe. Great quality shade.
Virgo - a satin cool mid brown. Best satin shade in the palette, similar to mattes, so great pigmentation.
Libra - a mid-orange-copper shade with a satin-shimmery finish. Not as impressive as Virgo, but decent.
Scorpio - a glittery mid orange-copper. I had to really layer it for a swatch and it still doesn't look that impressive as it's lighter than Libra. It's poorly pigmented.
Sagittarius - champagne glitter. This is pretty much a waste of space in this palette. I had to apply so many layers for the swatch.
Capricorn - a matte muted rose. Great pigmentation.
Aquarius - a matte deep chocolate brown. Best performing shade in the palette.
Pisces - a matte black. Quite a weak black, but useful.
Staying power: These don't have an impressive staying power. I wore this palette on one eye and L.O.V.'s The Rose X Copper Eyeshadow Palette on the other to compare them and the shade from this palette were pretty faded by the end of the day. A primer is advised at this palette.

Packaging is cardboard with slit door, on each wing there's a mirror. The closing system is magnetic.

Price and availability: It's sold in drugstores as a LE for 13.49 € (I've seen them in DM a couple of days ago)

This is my least favourite palette out of the four I got recently. For one the colour selection is disappointing, the whole first row looks the same on the eyes, all are a neutral blending out/base colours and who needs four such shades? The second row is a mixed quality, the first two are lovely matte shades with good pigmentation and blend nicely, the orange two are disappointing. The first is not the best, but useful, but the last shade is sheer, I just can't pick it up and it's chunky. The same goes for the first shade in the bottom row - only sparse chunky shimmer. The last three are great matte shade that are pigmented and blend well. Overall it's just too disappointing, though matte shades are good. I give it a 2.5/5.

Have a great day!

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