Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick 02 Flaming Rose

04 Jul 2018, 1:33pm -

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I've already reviewed and swatched four of these so I discussed the formula in detail already (06 Abrico'dabra and 09 Fuchsia Botté|14 Brownette and 16 Caramelody). I've only kept one of those shades, 09 Fuchsia Botté, because the rest weren't in colours that I normally wear (all were PR samples), but since this is such an amazing formula, I went out and bought a shade that is most easy to wear and appropriate for every occasion.

Texture: Formula of these is incredibly smooth and they feel so buttery when I'm applying them, almost too slippery. On the lips they feel light, yet not drying, at least on me. Pigmentation of all shades I tried is great, all are fully opaque and all have one of the best matte finishes that is close to the matte liquid lipstick look.

Colour: Shade 02 Flaming Rose is a complicated shade that will look different on individuals depending on their skin tone. Essentially it's a light pink shade, but on me it looks cool at application even though it looks warm in the tube. As it's wearing off, it becomes more warm on me and a lot prettier than freshly applied. Sometimes it ends up looking like Nyx Cannes on me, which is very different from where it starts.

Staying power: I've discussed this in previous reviews already, but this one isn't quite as long lasting as darker shades, which is something to be expected (I have a fuchsia pink, which are always the most long-lasting shades). Regardless it still lasts really well, several hours, plus it fades evenly and nicely.

Packaging: The colour of the packaging at this one is less pink than the shade inside, so don't pick this based on the packaging. These have a very tight closing system, so I never worry if I throw them in my bag that they'll open.

Price and availability: I got mine in Müller, price is set at 13.89 €.

I finally got a wearable shade for me in this amazing formula and I've been wearing it loads. Formula is one of the best in both drugstore and high-end. It's so smooth, light and perfectly matte, but not drying. Only true minus is the price, which is really high for drugstore, so I waited for a discount to buy it.

Have a great day!

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