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14 Sep 2018, 3:19am -

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Bourjois has a new mascara in their offering which is inspired by cats or better said the iconic cat eye look. The packaging features an embossed pair of kittens on the cap, otherwise it's a pretty standard looking mascara. It promises an eye-opening and volumizing effect, and while I agree with the latter part, it's the first that has left me a bit disappointed.

The brush is asymmetrical with short bristles on one side and longer in a dome shape of the other. I can't use the side with the shorter bristles without creating a clumpy look, so I always just use the one with the longer bristles. That side catches the lashes nicely and fans them out decently, though the thick formula prevents it from looking very separated.

Formula is very creamy and there's always an excess on the brush at the tip. Despite the creamy and somewhat thick formula, when it was new this behaved like a light mascara with a silicone brush that just combes the lashes with one coat creating a natural effect, so I had to apply several coats for some decent volume. As it got older the formula became more volumizing and creates a nice big lash effect, though the lashes aren't as defined as they were when the mascara was new. For an "eye opening" mascara I expected it to both lift and hold lashes, but doesn't do well either of these things. In fact I spent a long time curling my lashes and even used a bit of waterproof mascara as a base, but this dropped them completely which didn't make me terribly happy. On the plus side during the day I don't get any smudging or flaking.

Bourjois is sold in drugstores here in Slovenia, while it's available internationally on websites like Feel Unique. This mascara costs 13.50 €.

Eye Catching mascara just isn't designed for my type of lashes. While I'm happy with the volume, I feel it could be a bit more defining and more importantly if you advertise it as s any eye-opening mascara, at least make the formula so it won't drop the lashes. For those who don't have problems with lashes staying curled, it's a nice volumizing formula as it creates quite big, noticeable lashes.

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