Banish The Bulge With Coolsculpting And Narrow Gentle Led Treatment

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Banish The Bulge With CoolSculpting And Slim Light LED Therapy with Slim Silhouettes and Barbies Beauty Bits

Are you tired of struggling with "Exercise-Resistant" bra bulges, saddlebags, muffin top or post-pregnancy baby fat?

If so, then I want to invite you on my Journey with Slim Light Therapy and CoolSculpting for fat loss.

For me, diet and exercise just have not been enough to help me achieve the lean, toned body I had a year ago. Circumstances in my life changed resulting in me having to move and I live in the boonies, making it much harder for me to go to the gym as much as I want, shopping at a decent grocery store and of course the wine doesn’t help either.

Hence, I decided to investigate some additional ways to help me get rid of this stubborn unwanted fat. For my fat loss, I decided to take advantage of Slim Silhouettes Total Body Bundle which combines both Slim Light Therapy and CoolSculpting to help sculpt and get rid of fat in those unwanted places. The Slim Light reduces the body fat, and CoolSculpting helps to contour.

Dual Sculpting with Slim Light Therapy and CoolSculpting By Slim Silhouettes and Barbies Beauty Bits

Both are the latest trend aesthetic specialists are seeing as the new generation of treatments and procedures targeted toward the growing population of people looking for non-invasive ways to help address unsightly and unwanted extra fat. I love that they can safely eliminate fat without the cost, downtime, and risk associated with surgery.

For those of you who are not familiar with these procedures or want to know more about them continue reading.

What The Heck Is Slim Light Therapy For Fat Loss
Slim Light Therapy which incorporates Red Light LED technology for non-invasive body fat loss, will basically reduce the fat by melting the fat cells. This type of therapy is based on the over forty years of research starting with NASA experimentation and culminating with the aesthetic and orthopedic industries today. Following the recent discovery that 635nm light influences fat cells, this innovative technology has created an explosion in the body sculpting industry.

The process also increases collagen and elastin in the skin while creating a slimmer appearance. ~Yeah, I am all about this.

how does Red Light Therapy help with fat loss By Slim Silhouettes and Barbies Beauty Bits

How CoolSculpting Can Help With Fat Reduction In The Body
Unlike the Slim Light method of fat reduction that uses heat, the CoolSculpting procedure cools fat cells to temperatures that trigger their natural death. Those cells are then eliminated naturally by the body over the following weeks and months. During the procedure, a non-surgical applicator delivers precisely controlled cooling to the treatment area to selectively target treated fat cells, leaving surrounding tissue such as the skin unaffected.
How does CoolSculpting Work By Slim Silhouettes and Barbies Beauty Bits
When Do You See Results?
Neither method shows immediate results as the body's own natural processes work to remove and dispose of the dead fat cells over time. And best of all, as a kid, we have all the fat cells we are going ever to have. So, when we gain weight, we are not getting more fat cells in our body, they are just getting larger (and some can split into very overweight people). Because we do not grow new fat cells, the treated areas fat cells are gone forever with CoolSculpting!

Where does the fat go with coolsculpting By Slim Silhouettes and Barbies Beauty Bits

Where Does The Fat Go From CoolSculpting & Red Light Therapy?
This is a question I asked as well. As I mentioned above our fat gets bigger and shrinks as we gain and lose weight. So, for the Slim Light Therapy, after the fat is released, it is broken down into free fatty acids and glycerol and enters the bloodstream. Once in the blood, the fatty acids can be either used as fuel or quickly eliminated by the body through your liver.

During the CoolSculpting procedure, a percentage of your fat cells (in the target treatment areas) are killed, allowing them to release the fat they have been storing, which is metabolized by the body over a few weeks and gone forever.

However, it's important to understand that neither of these procedures are a for weight loss. Both freezing & melting the fat cells naturally causes them to release their contents so they can be more readily burned off, when you are working out and or with your daily activity. In addition to these procedures, you do have to eat right and exercise for optimum results.

The benefits of combining coolsculpting with red light therapy By Slim Silhouettes and Barbies Beauty Bits

Why Combine CoolSculpting With Slim Light Therapy
Both procedures offer different results but work amazingly together and this is why I decided to take advantage of the “Total Body Bundle Package” offered at Slim Silhouettes.

You start with the Slim Light Therapy first as it melts away the fat (but does not kill it), so when you follow up with the CoolSculpting, there is less fat to work with, so you will get better results quicker, and the cost is much less than if you just did CoolSculpting. Also, CoolSculpting isn't designed to tighten and treat the skin; it just kills the fat dead. Hence, the Slim Light therapy is paired with the CoolSculpting to help stimulate collagen production and improve the appearance of cellulite, helping you to reach your overall goal of total fat loss.

Who Is A Right Candidate For CoolSculpting And Slim Light Therapy?
I will say that these procedures are not for everyone. They are geared towards people who are looking to lose stubborn fat that just won’t go away with exercise or diet: it's most definitely not an alternative to healthy weight loss.

CoolSculpting review By Slim Silhouettes and Barbies Beauty Bits

My Fat Loss Journey
I am inviting you to join me on my fat loss journey. I recently started this treatment and will keep you guys in the loop on the procedures, behind the scenes, unedited photos, updates, Coolsculpting before and afters, Red Light Therapy for weight loss before and afters, and real results.

In the meantime, check out my video below on my first visit to Slim Silhouettes and my first therapy sesson. Also, if you are looking to find out more and don’t want to wait around for my tips and results, you can get a Complimentary no obligation consultation & computer body analysis, by clicking here!


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