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CATRICE Eyeshadow Stix
070 I decide my vibe
I have three shades of the newest Eyeshadow Stixs which I realised differ in quality. This is the best performing one and luckily it's also my favourite shade. Pigmentation is not nearly as good as for example Kiko's version, so I have to build it up, but this shade applies evenly and with a few coats I get a nice metallic effect. The shade is the thing that makes me really love it because I haven't found such colour in any other ranges, all are either more bronzey brown or more yellow gold, but this is that perfect in-between shade, just the type I love most to wear. It's in the same colour family as Too Faced Creme Bruleé from the Chocolate Bar palette (the gold shade) and Mac's Patina which is a more greeny old gold version. This Stix blends easily and doesn't get patchy, plus it also lasts well on my normal lids without creasing.

L'OREAL Infallible Blush Paint
I was inspired by a look in some random film to have fresh, peachy-pink cheeks after wearing my usual muted brownish-pink shades for ages and I realised that all my peachy-pinks don't really look that pretty fresh, lifting shade that they do on others because my skin tone always makes them look more orange peachy than pink. So I went through my stash trying everything out and I found the blush that replicates that look for me - and it's not even peachy-pink. That shade is in the middle of this L'Oreal Pinks palette, that warm pink colour. Just like the Ambers version this is a absolute drugstore gem and I highly recommend both to anyone. The quality of these blushes is one of the best I've tried - they are pigmented, blend nicely and last so well on the cheeks.

THEBALM Meet Matte Hughes Long-Lasting Liquid Lipstick
Another product that fit into my inspired look, but regardless I actually wear this a lot anyway and more than my previous fave Committed. The latter is a more peachy version of the shade on me, while this is that perfect pinky-brownish natural looking shade, it's a bit like taking Nude-ist from Bourjois and mute it down even more. The formula of these is just amazing, I have several shades and love them all. Pigmentation is great, they always apply so smoothly, don't feel drying to me and last well on the lips. This remains to be my favourite matte liquid lipstick formula.

CATRICE #peeloff Glam Effect Nail Polish
03 When in Doubt, just add Glitter
These are a discovery for me. I like glitter nail polishes, but avoid them because the removal is such a chore. These, however, are so easy, all you have to do it peel them off and the whole layer goes in one go. The peel off process goes without a hitch, but these aren't completely perfect, for one the formula feels like a glitter glue, so it's thick and needs effort to apply smoothly without thicker parts, plus it takes ages to dry, but by that I mean it stays like a semi-dry glue, so the glitter doesn't transfer anywhere, it's just prone to dents (I'm talking about when you apply three coats for a fully opaque finish). But I'm completely willing to overlook the more difficult application because the final effect looks nice and removal is so easy. I was asked whether these peel off by their own - they don't. I haven't noticed any lifting along the edges, but the tips can wear off on more frequently used fingers.

L.O.V. LOVtreat Color & Care Nail Lacquer
640 Soft Sensuality
This was on my nails most of the month, apart from the last week. It's a very simple milky nude that makes my nails look polished, but doesn't draw too much attention. Three coats are needed for an almost opaque finish because the formula is sheer. This is a formula that promises to take care of your nails and it's actually the only nail polish after which my nails don't have that yellowish hue when I take it off. Such a shame L.O.V. decided to pull out of Slovenia, their nail polishes are brilliant.

BATH AND BODY WORKS Fine Fragrance Mist
Brown Sugar & Fig
I got some more BBW body mists because I like them so much and I just fell in love with this scent, which like all, I got as a blind buy. It's starts with a brown sugar burst which is quickly followed by a very comforting milky, creamy scent that creates this sweet, but very comforting combination, like a warm glass of milk with sugar but mixed with a clean skin scent. It's such a delightfully fragrance and I'm very glad I picked it. I detect no fig in this or maybe just in some minor sweet traces at the start, but definitely not in leaves form as some mentioned that it smells sharpish green to them (it's very likely it's more noticeable in the moisturiser versions because I notice a difference in Twilight Woods mist and cream too in terms of fresh & fruity notes). It's just a well-rounded creamy, milky and clean scent. Great stuff, but unfortunately staying power is very weak, so I might get an Ultra Shea lotion to make it last longer.
Top notes: passion fruit, california fig, white flowers, white peach and bergamot
Heart notes: vanilla orchid, jasmine, yellow freesia, lily-of-the-valley and coconut milk
Base notes: vanilla pod, amber, fig leaf, musk, maple and caramel.

MOROCCANOIL Intense Hydrating Mask
For medium to thick dry hair
I found my new holy grail hair mask! I've been complaining on this blog about how my hair is impossibly dry and nothing I tried worked since the start of the year when I tried this anti-dandruff shampoo that simply wrecked my hair. I've tried oil treatment overnight, that insanely thick Joico Moisture Recovery Balm and I even dug out my special stash of Kerastase Masquitense Thick that I keep only for special occasions, but nothing worked as well as Moroccanoil. My hair is practically transformed and I'm so relieved I finally found something that works for me. Truthfully I kind of didn't really think it's going to be that good, just because Moroccanoil gained popularity based on the claim "Kim K. uses this stuff" and I never trust a celebrity endorsement, so I thought that even though it might be good for an average consumer, it surely won't be enough for my super dry hair. But it's definitely the bomb. My hair finally feels silky and even somewhat soft despite the thick texture of individual hairs. And it's not even heavy like Joico Balm which can make my hair feel heavy, while this makes my hair so light, but moisturised. I don't know what magic this is, but I'm on board with it. I just can't stop running my fingers through the hair, it hasn't been this silky in forever. Bad side - the price which makes my eyes water, but there's 50 ml more in the pot than in Kerastase. Also probably the Mending Fusion and the silicone oil from this brand contributed to how well my hair feels right now, but the mask is the biggest contributor. This just wins for me.

Great first impressions

MOROCCANOIL Dry Shampoo for Dark Hair
I didn't want to include this into favourites even though it does belong there, but I'm not the best authority when it comes to dry shampoo and how they work on greasy hair, so I won't mislead you into thinking it's a greasy hair eradicating miracle worker because I genuinely have no idea, but I have read reviews and it's mostly praised, so the overall score on Makeup Alley is very high. The reasons I'm impressed by it is that's it's the most fine dry shampoo I tried. You know how dry shampoos leave that powdery feeling that makes the hair drier and stiff (at least mine), which granted as a positive side does create more texture (for braiding or making volume)? Well, this shampoo feels so silky. My hair still feels so light and smooth after using this, but fresh and clean like at other dry shampoos. My hair felt like that and didn't get the "dirty, gritty dry shampoo" feeling at all and it was six days after I washed it. I always have to wait for the last day before I wash my hair to use Batiste because it makes my hair feel too dry and powdery, but the particles in this are so fine. Another big plus is the scent which is one of the rare ones that doesn't have that sharp component in it, I don't know what exactly it is, but it's in most of them and it makes me gag (maybe it's actually the powder particles that irritate my lungs). At this I don't cough at all. The tint isn't the best because this is still a very light brown shade, but I rarely get a cast and even that can be blended away quickly.

I actually already used up a bottle of this some years ago and I've been sticking to Orofluido instead because of the scent, otherwise they are the same - or at least I thought so. For some reason I only now noticed that this helps my hair to dry so much faster with a hair dryer and considering how long and thick my hair is, that's is a big plus. It's dry in about a 30% less time. I've also grown to like the scent a lot more. I remember thinking this smells like an insect repellent when I first tried it, but now it smells like a really fancy hair salon to me - but granted, my first bottle was from eBay, so it could have been a fake.

MOROCCANOIL Mending Infusion
This is a new product by Moroccanoil and it's essentially a serum for the ends that instructions say to use on dry hair as a finisher, but I use it both on damp and dry hair because my hair just needs a ton of products otherwise it just doesn't behave. I can't say anything definitive about it apart from that on dry hair it tames it, but not quite as good at the silicone oil Treatment, however, it must be doing something because my hair feels so much better with the whole Moroccanoil hair care routine.

ESSENCE Camouflage+ Healthy Glow Concealer
10 light ivory
I don't know if I'm really to count this one as a favourite, but I've worn it almost every day since I got it and mostly as a foundation, rather than just concealing. I almost hated it the first time I tried it because it can be very matte and fast drying on my skin, but in combination with a good moisturiser, it looks good. It covers enough, stays put and fades evenly. I'm not sure if I like it as much as Look by Bipa because that one has a neutral light shade and this is more on the yellow side, but I've definitely grown quite fond of it. But you know how Essence is - never fall in love in one of their products because they will surely discontinue it after a year or two.

ESSENCE Go for the Glow highlighter palette
02 the warms
Just like the concealer, I don't want to count this as a favourite, even less to be honest, however, I've worn it every day since I got it, to be more specific just the first shade. It's a rose gold super metallic highlighter that shines like the sun, so it's nowhere near subtle. The texture is so creamy, almost cream-to-powder and Essence should really make a palette with this texture combining actual wearable shades. The other colours in this palette are not just completely unwearable, but also less metallic and have a drier texture. I'm going to check other Essence's newest highlighters so I see if they have something lighter, more champagne-like in the same type of texture.


My skin has been behaving so well in the last months and actually in the whole year or two since I discovered K-Beauty, but it's in the last months that I've felt confident enough to stop using COSRX BHA Blackhead Liquid that I included in the routine to prevent spots. Even without using acids frequently, my skin is clear and looks healthy, so I'm giving a quick update on what I'm using every day:

After cleansing with BIOBAZA Exclusive Micelar Oil & BALEA Erfrischendes Wasch Gel:
1. THE ORDINARY Argireline Solution 10 % - A serum that targets expression lines. I've been using this for months now and I still can't tell if it does anything. I think my lines look the same, which could mean that it's at least preventing them from becoming worse, but I can't say for sure. I'm still going to continue using it.
2. COSRX Galactomyces 95 Whitening Power Essence - I never want to be without this. It improved the texture of my skin and just the general condition of it so much. It's a simple liquid product that absorbs in seconds.
3. CEZANNE High Moist Lotion - I've finally finished the generous sample I got back in May from the lovely Lorena (thank you so much again) and I really enjoyed this product. It's a simple toner like product that contains ceramides, Job's Tears extract, 3 types of hyaluronic acid, collagen and amino acids, and my skin liked it a lot. I still have Kikumasamune that I plan to use up next, but I think that out of the two, I'll repurchase Cezanne because it's got no scent and I think my skin likes it better.
4. NUXE Huile Prodigeuse - my standard oil for 7 years now. My skin loves this stuff and it keeps it in great condition. I'm still not sure thought if I'll switch to The Body Shop's Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil next which also works so well for me.
5. TONY MOLY Panda's Dream Sleeping Pack - I use this mostly in the morning routine, but sometimes in the night one too. It's a simple gel cream moisturiser that cooperates great with my skin. Not sure if I'll repurchase it though because I'm planning on getting Beauty of Joseon Dynasty cream which I had a sample of and loved it so much.


MAKEUP REVOLUTION Fast Base Stick Foundation in F1
I hear this is a great pale shade and a nice glowy formula with lots of coverage. @beauty_plus_diamonds praises it and has comparison swatches on her profile.

ESSENCE Stay Cool Llama Highlighter
This looks so cute! I'm interested if it's as nice as the Go for to Glow palette and if the shade is nicer. I haven't had a chance to go to the drugstore in a while, so I haven't seen the new products in person yet and there are no swatches online.

ESSENCE #insta Perfect Liquid Make Up in 10
I'm mainly interested in this because I hear the shade is supposed to be very light, though I've read mixed reviews so far. I have yet to see in person and try a tester.

ESSENCE Melted Chrome Eyeshadows
I've seen how metallic and pigmented these are on @adjustingbeauty Instagram stories. They look very intriguing and I will check them out when I finally have a chance to go to the drugstore.

HOURGLASS Ambient Lighting Blush Mood Exposure
I've noticed Houglass is on Feel Unique and this has been on my wishlist forever. The price is insane, but I might treat myself to one.

BODY FANTASIES Signature Twilight Mist Parfums de Coeur
I saw in the Müller catalogue these are sold here now. They are supposedly similar to BBW and this scent in particular is mentioned as close to Twilight Woods. I don't know if we even have this version. so I need to check it out.

CEZANNE High Moist Lotion
Like I mentioned above in the skin care update, my skin loved this. The bottle has 500 ml which is a great value for the price.

BATH AND BODY WORKS Champagne Apple Honey Line
I have a bath version from last year and I love the scent so much. It's the best apple scent I've ever tried and I'd love to have at least something from this collection.

KÉRASTASE Nutritive Masque Magistral
I think this replaced Oleo-Relax and it's supposed to be for extremely dry hair which I assume means it's even more nourishing that Masquitense Thick. It'd love to give it a go.

MOROCCANOIL Restorative Hair Mask
Since I love the Hydrating mask so much, I'd like to try this version too.

Have a great day!

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