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05 Jan 2018, 9:38pm -

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Here is the first part of my 2017 favorites. In this post I'll talk about my favorite makeup products that I discovered in 2017. I decided to only mention the products that I reviewed, got or bought in 2017 and that I have been really liking. If I would post all my favorite makeup products then this post would be too long for anyone to read.

Paese Rice Powder

I can't say I really liked any of the powders so far. Usually, they don't keep me matte all day or they do, but can look cakey and add yet another layer to my fuller coverage makeup. But this rice powder by Paese really impressed me. It's finely milled, transparent, blends into skin like nothing, doesn't look cakey and still keeps my skin matte, but not flat. I've been using it non stop ever since I got it and it also works great for baking under the eyes.

Physician's Formula Butter Bronzer - Bronzer

I think it's obvious how much I like it, I've already hit the pan and reordered it. It's by far one of the best bronzers I've tried so far. Formula is very creamy because of the murumuru butter, so it blends into the skin well. It has tropical kind of artificial scent, but I love it. It's not matte, but has tiny shimmer in it which gives the skin such a natural sheen. Shade Bronzer is light and almost a bit cool toned. The only thing about it is that it's so light that I need to build it up in a few layers. It's not one of those one swipe and you're good to go.

Essence Eyeshadow - 15 Hazel Me Not!

I believe they don't sell this anymore, but it's my favorite shade to contour with. It's not too pigmented, so I can build it up slowly and has that perfect taupe shade to make it look realistic and not warm. I also like that it's so light. It's hard to find cool toned shades for light skin tones to contour with, especially in the drugstore range.

Avon Glow Bronzing Pearls - Radiant Glow

This is one of those products that you reach for when you're in a rush and want a bit of color on your face. I love this particular shade because it adds such a natural looking sheen and color. It's like a a mix of a bit of peach, pink and even some bronze. It's that one swipe blush and bronzer in one, but I usually use it only as a blush on my cheeks for when I don't want something super pigmented.

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

It's cheap and it works. I've made a comparison with the Urban Decay primer and I have to say these two are almost identical. I usually apply foundation over my lids to cover any discoloration and then I go over with this. What appeals to me the most is its almost transparent and lightweight formula that is a good sticky base for powder eyeshadows. It keeps my eyeshadow on for the whole day and doesn't make it crease. Sometimes simple products that work are hard to find at an affordable price.

Beauty People Flash Fix Pearl Pigment Pact - 1 Ssum Light

I had to include this, because I'm such a huge lover of anything sparkly on the eyes. This is one of the latest purchases, but a quick favorite. It's irregularly shaped copper gold glitter that is pressed in the pot and has a creamy feel to it. It sticks fairly well on the lids, but goes on better over creamy bases. I love that this is bigger than most and proper glitter. The shade is right up my alley and I think it's one of the best sparkly products, if you like glittery things.

Nabla Eyeshadow - Petra and Caramel

I'm including these two, because I have an attachment to Petra eyeshadow (my name is Petra) and because I've been using Caramel with most warm toned looks. These are not the best pigmented eyeshadows, but you can build them up well and they blend good. I love Caramel shade, because it's that perfect yellow toned brown that will add warmth to any look. Petra is special to me because of the name and because I love red based eyeshadows and this is redish brown. I mostly used it with my fall makeup looks.

Colourpop Super Shock Shadow - Coconut, Game Face, Kathleenlights

I adore formula of these eyeshadows. It's that mousse creamy feel that goes on like a dream, is super pigmented and doesn't move on the lid. These are one of my all time favorite eyeshadows in general. I also find them super easy to use. Coconut is the most gorgeous greenish blue shade ever. Whenever I wear it, I get compliments. It's one of those unique colors in my collection. I loved coppery Game Face so much that it almost dried up. I have even ordered another one already. It's that perfect copper shade for everyday warm eyeshadow looks. Kathleenlight is a more bronzed golden shade. I use this with everything. Apply a boring matte shade all over the lid and then use Kathleenlights only on the center and bam, you have a look. It's one of my most used gold shades.

Essence Metal Shock Eyeshadow - 01 Solar Explosion and 02 Stars & Stories

If you're on a budget and in search for the perfect glittery metallic eyeshadow, this is it. This has to be one of the best formulas I've tried by Essence. It's almost a bit mousse like, but it applies with such ease. If you apply it heavily, you get liquid metal effect. I prefer using these by just tapping them on the lid, little by little. That way I get more of the small glitter particles on the lid. It works as a shimmery topper or as a metallic eyeshadow. It stays put all day and the glitter doesn't fall down either. I have to snatch some more before Essence decides to discontinue them.

Zova Caramel Melange Eyeshadow Palette

The award for most used makeup product of 2017 goes to this palette. I forgot about all my other palettes as soon as I got this one in my hand. This is my preference for that perfect everyday makeup look. I'm a warm toned lover and I don't particularly go for very dark shades. This has everything...matte beige for setting eyeshadow primer, very light matte transition shade, medium warm mattes for defining the crease and pops of shimmery colors. Matte shades are not as pigmented as those from Colourpop palettes, but you can build them up. Shimmery shades perform much better. I've already hit the pan on two shades and that speaks volumes for me.

L'Oreal Paradise Extatic Mascara

This mascara is also one of the latest discoveries, but it deserves a place in here. It's probably one of the best mascaras in the drugstore for creating that bushy volume look. It made my lashes look thicker, added volume and it never looked too clumpy. I think the wand is what works so well on my lashes. My complaint is that there's so little of the product in European version and it's pricey. L'Oreal has some really expensive prices for a drugstore brand. That is the only reason I'm not buying it again - unless it's on sale.

Catrice Slim'matic Ultra Precise Brow Pencil - Dark

I went through so many of these already. For the amount of product that is in it, this is a pricey product. But compared to other brands that do similar slim brow pencils, this has to be the cheapest one. It has become an essential product in my brow rutine and I'll be very upset, if Catrice decides to discontinue it. Usually I use a regular sharp pencil to fill in my brows and then I use this one to add shape where I don't have any hair. It's perfect for creating that fine line under the brow arch and defining edges. I don't like making my brows too dark or super filled in, but this just gives me that tiny precision to outline them the way I want. You have to use it sparingly or it can start to look too dark and waxy for my taste.

Catrice Lip Foundation Pencil - 020 Caramel Blonde To Go and 030 Addicted To Cafe Au Lait

This is a lovely collection of nude shades for light skin tones. I love their creamy formula. It's easy to apply, doesn't tug on the lips, but also doesn't bleed or move. It's that perfect lip liner for cheating your natural lip line.

Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick - 06 Abrico'dabra! and 12 Brunette

Regular lipstick formulas that claim to be matte usually have very dry feel on the lips. Not these. These are one of the most comfortable matte lipstick formula and the fact that it has almost liquid lipstick matte finish makes them even more appealing. It applies so smooth and buttery, but dries to that perfect matte finish that still feels comfortable on the lips. Shade range is also nice. There's a bit of everything.

Avon True Supreme Nourishing Lipstick - Nurturing Nude and Silky Peach

I have a whole range of these, but I wanted to point out two shades that have been in my most regular use. This is just a very basic, but good lipstick formula. It has a bit of sheen, nice pigmentation, creamy formula and wears very comfortably. I reach for it when I want something simple with a bit of sheen. I've said it many times, Avon knows how to make good lipstick formulas. Nurturing Nude is that perfect pinky nude and Silky Peach is that perfect warm muted orange brown.

Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquer Matte - Orange You Happy and Irresistible

Another matte formula, but in a more liquid form. Actually, it's not liquid at all, it's more like a mousse, similar to NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. It has nice pigmentation, lasts average, but is comfortable on the lips, which is my main goal for lip products. It almost works better as a light stain. It has that matte finish, but doesn't feel drying. My favorite shades are Orange You Happy which is a vibrant orange red and Irresistible which is a more pink based muted red, perfect for fall.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor - Forever and Devotion

I've had some great year with lip products. There have been so many new launches and this one by Revlon impressed me. It's a very creamy regular liquid lipstick formula that very slowly dries down to a matte finish. I have naturally dry lips so this dries down to a complete matte finish on me. It's definitely the most comfortable matte formula out of all I have mentioned previously. This feels almost like a thick balmy lip gloss, so there is no dry feeling at all. I have two shades, but use more Forever, because it's more neutral.

Avon Mark Magix Prep And Set Spray

To be honest, I only tried two setting sprays so far, so I can't really compare it to anything. But it's in my favorites, because it did what I expected from it. It sets my face makeup well, which means it gets rid of the powdery finish on the skin, makes it look more uniformed and makes it last longer on the skin. I feel like with this spray my makeup looks better for longer. I use this in warmer months for keeping my makeup from sliding off and in the colder months for getting more natural finish after I use a lot of powder products on the face. It's also nice for spraying on the brush and using with shimmery shadows as it makes them pop more and look more vibrant.

H&M Makeup Sponge

I've only tried cheaper makeup sponges and I haven't tried the Beauty Blender yet, but this is by far the softest sponge I have tried so far. It's super soft, expands well, when it gets in contact with water, and blends everything nicely. I have a few backups, because I love it so much. Hopefully, their regular sponges are made of the same material, because I can't find these in animal packaging anymore.

Essence Lashes To Impress - 03 Half Lashes

If there's one area I suck at, it has to be applying false eyelashes. I still don't know if it's the glue, because I use the technique that should work, or if I wait too long for the glue to dry up too much. I also don't like wearing bulky heavy lashes, because it's just not comfortable. So I usually go for individuals or these by Essence. They can be applied only on the outer half of the lash line which means it sticks better on and still gives me that winged out look. Just enough drama for my taste. I hope they never stop selling these.

Essence Holo Rainbow Nail Polish - 01 Hello Holo

Essence always has some sort of glittery top coat in their range and this year they've added a Holo Rainbow line. I love this particular shade, because it looks like a silver lavender shade, but the glitters reflect rainbow colors. It's that perfect pop of glitter when you want something that will catch attention and the glitters are not too big, so it's not that difficult to remove either.


I also wanted to mention Limited Edition products that have impressed me the most this year. Surprisingly (or not), they are all highlighters.

Essence LE Glitter In The Air One For All Shimmer Drops - 01 A Little Shimmer Never Hurts

It's a liquid highlighter that has unique almost cool grey base with pale gold sheen and tiny shimmers. I still use it often, because it gives such a lovely metallic finish to the skin and is surprisingly light. This is more for winter time for me personally.

Essence LE Cubanita Jumbo Highlighter - 01 Mi Corazon

Almost an exact dupe of theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer which has been my favorite ever since I got it. It's super creamy, has that lovely gold sheen and almost invisible shimmer. It also has lovely coconut tropical scent. This is perfect for summer and with that amount of product, you're good for life.

Catrice LE Caviar Gauche Highlighter - C01 Eclat d'Or

This is by far the best highlighter Catrice has ever done. It reminds me of Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors Pressed in that it has tiny shimmer and packs a punch with a glow. It's also the most perfect champagne shade for light skin tones. I adore this and can't stop using. The only problem for me is this huge size that makes it impossible to carry around.

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